Shanxi Aluminum Shipping Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the birthplace of the Yellow River civilization, Guan Gong's hometown - Shanxi Yuncheng, Shanxi is rich in resources, bauxite ore quality is excellent reserves first in the country. The first factory in Asia - in Shanxi Aluminium plant that is located in this, relying on the resource advantage of Shanxi Aluminum Plant, formed an annual output of 70 million tons of electrolytic aluminum, around the excellent quality of electrolytic aluminum production capacity, gradually formed in aluminum rod, aluminum, aluminum strip, aluminum foil, aluminum and so on, the industrial cluster. Founded in 1996, formerly Shanxi Guanlu aluminum group processing plant, Shanxi Guanlu aluminum group subordinate backbone enterprises.

Companies rely on talent and technology resources advantage, is committed to 2 * * * and 3 * * * and 5 * * *, 6 x x x, 7 x x x, duralumin, super duralumin, multiple aluminum alloy and other special aluminum R & D, production, sales. Company products are mainly used in railway locomotives, petrochemical, ordnance industry, coal chemical and other fields. The products of stainless steel in steel, copper and other aspects of alternative, achieved good results.

Company covers an area of more than 260 mu, building area of 530000 square meters, registered capital of 48 million yuan, annual production capacity of aluminum rod, aluminum, aluminum strip, aluminum foil, aluminum, magnesium alloy material 12 million tons.

The main equipment: 25 tons of smelting furnace 9, 20 tons of static resistance furnace 6, 800 * 1850 continuous casting and rolling unit 4 sets, 1650 320/720 * four heavy reversible cold rolling mill 2 sets, 2 sets of foil rolling mill 210/380 * 1450, 680/1200 * 1650 single stand double coiler four roller reversible a hot rolling mill, semi continuous casting unit 2 sets, 600-4000 tons extrusion production line 12, color aluminum coating production line of two sets, 8 sets of heat treatment furnace, roller hearth furnace of a company, online processing using online degassing device and three ceramic plate advanced filtering techniques, using AG automatic control technology and X-RAY800 thickness feedback system of rolling mill, so as to ensure that the product of the technical indicators have reached or exceeded the national standard.

Company in 2000 through the ISO9002 quality system certification, in September 2003 passed the quality system certification for version of the work, the company all products through the SGS certification. Company for the China Aluminum Association member, the product has won the national customer satisfaction.

We always adhere to the independent research and development and cooperation with scientific research institutes in the way, in the technology innovation and promote the development of industry, research cooperation strategy. Company through strict and meticulous management, excellent technical equipment and customer's trust and support, the company will continue to carry forward the good faith, cooperation, innovation, win-win spirit, to "first-class products, first-class service" to return the majority of customers, for China and the whole world of aluminum processing to make their own contribution.

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